Justice Courtney Goodson has been taking

gifts & big money

from donors for years. She’s a political insider abusing the system.

See Why
Hundreds of thousands of dollars

from law firms with cases before her court.

A fifty thousand dollar trip to Italy on a

donor’s luxury yacht

She even asked for an

$18,000 dollar raise,

making her salary bigger than the Governor’s.

Learn more about Courtney Goodson’s expensive gifts, yacht trips, and pay raises:

Around The Time Of Her Divorce In 2010, Goodson Began Receiving Gifts From John Goodson, Including A $5,500 Trip, A $780.63 Coat, And A $1,524.25 Bag.

(Lisa Hammersly, “After 2010 High Court Race, Justice Wed A Top Donor,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 1/24/16)

Three Out-Of-State Law Firms Tied To John Goodson Gave $40,675 In Last-Minute Donations To Goodson’s 2016 Chief Justice Campaign.

(Lisa Hammersly, “Goodson’s Bid Got Late Cash,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 3/29/16)

In 2012, Goodson Reported A $50,000 Trip To Italy Paid For By Fayetteville Attorney W.H. Taylor

(Stuttgart Daily Leader, 2/6/16)

In 2017, Chief Justice Dan Kemp Presented A Request To The Independent Citizens Commission For An 11 Percent Pay Increase For State Supreme Court Justices, Which Would Have Raised Associate Justice Salaries To $184,815.

(Michael R. Wickline, “Justices Seek 11 Percent Raise 2 Percent Raise Asked For Other Judges,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 5/17/17)

Tell her to stop taking gifts and asking for money.